Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Treating yourself does not equal cheating

Living Paleo doesn't mean you will never enjoy sweets. Many persons assume that the Paleo diet is just another low carb diet fad.  Paleo can be high carb too.  When choosing the foods you eat you must lend some consideration to your current health and weight loss goals.  If you're overweight or diabetic you well want to keep your carb intake down.  If your weight is healthy or you are feeding your kiddos than you can easily indulge in more carbs.
Good sources of carbs in the paleo diet include fruits, root veggies, wild unpasteurized honey, and pure maple syrup.  Let me be clear on one thing, agave syrup is not paleo.  It is a cleverly marketed product that is no better for you than fructose corn syrup.  Sweeteners, even Truvia, are not paleo either.  They trick your pancreas into pumping out more insulin than you need and mess with your blood sugar levels. 
There are countless possibilities of satisfying your sweet tooth while eating paleo.  I am a sucker for coffee drinks. Most days I have my coffee on ice with a little unsweetened coconut milk.  Some days I just need a mocha.  That doesn't mean I need to cheat.
I simply blend a little cocoa powder, pure maple syrup, coconut milk, and coffee in the blender.  I like to pour this on ice but I could make an ice blended version too. If you're craving sweets, search the internet for a paleo recipe, you'll thank yourself later. 

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