Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fuel your day!

We are like any other family nowadays.  We are crazy busy!  When we have visitors to the house, they feel exhausted at the end of their stay.  As many of you will understand, with two young kids in the house, our day starts early.  Yesterday was a pretty typical day in our household.  My husband woke me up at 545 to help him get a brisket in the roaster (for a work luncheon potluck).  Our daughter was passed out in our bed surrounded by grapes...sigh...we had forgot to lock our fridge again.  (Believe me, she's done way worse!) My husband carried her back to her bed.  I kissed him goodbye and heard my son starting to stir.  I took a quick shower, like army boot camp fast, and got my son up.  Before I knew it we had one hour before swim lessons!  Pre Paleo I would have reached for a handy box of cereal or frozen waffles.  I can't drive home this lesson enough, preparedness is key to your success with this lifestyle!  In a true pinch make sure you have hard boiled eggs on hand.  I had a few minutes this time so I threw together my 10 minute bacon hash and eggs, a favorite of the kids. Part of my prep day ritual is to bake up a bunch of yams.  I mash most of them and set a few aside for these quick breakfasts. In a matter of minutes we have a nutritious and filling breakfast.  (Feeds 4)

-2 baked yams (peeled and cubed)
-6 slices nitrate free bacon cut up into bits or half a pound of sausage alternatively
-6 leaves of Kale chopped
-Free-range eggs (I usually cook 2 per adult and one per child)
-Granulated garlic to taste (I think I put garlic in just about everything)
-Black pepper to taste
-Turmeric to taste

-Cook bacon in pan on high heat
-Add cubed sweet potatoes while bacon crisps
-Add seasoning
-Turn hash frequently with spatula to prevent burning. 
-When the hash has browned add the kale
-Stir the kale in for about 30 seconds (the kale will cook quickly)
-Remove the hash to serving dishes/bowls
-Fry up your eggs in remaining bacon grease (add olive oil if needed) and season to taste.
-Place fried eggs on top of hash

This whole process takes me about 10 minutes.  It's full of protein and vitamins and will fuel your busy day!  Enjoy!

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