Friday, March 2, 2012

Snack time on the go

People often ask me what is the most important tip I can give them for getting started with a Paleo diet.  I always resoundingly answer, "being  prepared!"  I can't stress this enough.  You must have snacks and quick to cook meals in your arsenal or you will most assuredly fail.  The modern world has taught us to be relient on convenient foods which lack nutrients and are down right harmful to your body. 
Here is a quick snack that is perfect for afternoon munchies or when you're on the go. Best of all, even your pickiest eater will love this snack!
Cashew fruit bars
-3 cups raw cashews
-6-8 oz pitted dates
-8 oz unsweetened dried fruit
  (I used cherries)
-1 Tbs. unsweetened applesauce
1. Blend cashews to finely chopped in food processor or blender and set aside.
2. Blend dates and dried fruit to a paste.
3. Mix all ingredients together in bowl including applesauce.
(let the kids help, it's fun and messy)
4. Spread mixture on a flat surface, I use parchment paper to keep it from getting to messy.
5. Pack mixture down and shape it into a rectangle and cut out bars at desired size and thickness.
6. Set bars in fridge to set
7. Ready to eat immediately, it's a sticky treat so be ready for smiling kids!
I hope you enjoy!  This yielded 24 bite size snack bars. These never last more than 2 days in my house.


  1. Could you add coconut to this?

  2. Sure! You can make this recipe your own. Try mixing different flavors. I really love tartness so sometimes I also add lemon zest. Have fun trying different fruits. If you have children you could let them create their own flavor combos. The sky's the limit!