Thursday, March 1, 2012

Grassfed lamb shoulder

My husband and I recently discovered we could easily purchase local pastured meats at our weekly farmers market in town.  What a blessing it has been to live in an area where quality meat and produce are so easy to find.  What's even better is that it is surprisingly affordable!
This week I purchased my first pastured lamb meat. I picked a lamb shoulder roast.  The lamb shoulder is one of the more affordable cuts and will turn out tender every time if you slow cook it.  I have it in the crock pot at this very moment.  The house is full of pleasant aromas.  I will post my recipe tonight.  I am excited to see how this meal turns out!


  1. I have been living a Paleo lifestyle for eight months…and in that short time, I have felt such a difference in my health…that I will never go back to eating grains, soy, animal dairy, legumes, non-grass fed animals, or cured meats. I eat wild caught fish, free range chicken, grass fed beef, free range eggs, organic vegetables, organic fruits, & nuts…I drink coconut milk and almond. My body is no longer exposed to hormones, nitrates, chemicals…etc and so forth. I am 50 and feel better now then I did when I was 30!! This is not a diet…it is a way of LIFE!!

    1. That's great! It really is life changing for everyone I know that has really given it a try. By eating real nutrient rich food we really can improve our overall health and fitness!