Sunday, March 11, 2012

Getting Excited for Real Food

My son at the Farmer's Market
Buying food at our local farmer's market has become a weekly custom in our household.  It has so many benefits. The most fascinating thing to me has been how much passion for real food it has created in each family member.  Many parents can relate to me when I say it is hard to get your kids to eat healthy some days.  Our weekly outings to the farmer's market has given us the opportunity to educate our kids about nutrition in a fun atmosphere.  The kids look forward to going to the farmers market as much as they do a trip to the zoo.  There are all kinds of fun activities and people to meet. Farmer's markets promote a sense of community that many of us didn't realize we were missing. I encourage you to find your passion for real food and share that passion with your friends and family.  Get creative with your cooking.  Let the kids pick out colorful vegetables and then help them create a masterpiece in the kitchen.

If a farmer's market is not available year round to you don't let that discourage you.  Stick to the outside perimeter at your local grocery store and challenge yourself to only buy food that is real.  When I say real I mean completely natural from this Earth, not processed in any form!  Grass fed meat that came straight from the farm, wild caught fish, and fresh organically grown vegetables. Can't hurt you to try it, right? Join the 30 day Paleo challenge and it will transform your life. I highly suggest you check out this article on Mark's Daily Apple if you're interested in learning more about eating real food the way your body was designed to eat.  It could change your life!

It’s Time to “Get Real”  by Mark's Daily Apple


  1. How much do you spend on a typical market trip? Do you have a budget?

    1. We budget about 40 dollars for a weeks worth of produce. My husband and I decide ahead of time how much money we will spend on groceries for the week. I usually spend about 60 dollars more on a variety of range fed meats, eggs, wild fish, and unpasteurized honey. We also have recently considered participating in a CSA where you invest in a farm and receive a share of the produce or meat for that season. I've found that you could easily overspend without setting a budget. I've found carrying cash a great way to stay disciplined on my spending. Thanks for the questions. I hope that answers your question.